by Triple F in association with Siem Reap DAFF

1 kit = 60m2( 1.20m x 12.50m x 4 )

The complete kit:

A-Provides farmer training in 5 main steps :

1-How to prepare vegetable beds & technical information on intensive culture
2-How to plan crop rotation for year round growing
3-How to protect vegetable from pests and diseases with natural plants
4-How to plan the paddy field with fish raising in rainy season
5-How to prepare organic fertilizers

B-Provides leafy, fruit and root vegetable seeds for the 1st year.

C-Provides organic fertilizers for the 1st year.

D-Provides a complete drip kit featuring :

     --Use of gravity, not electricity.  You donít need electricity or even a continuously flowing source of water.
     --Higher profits and lower water consumption and labor costs.
     -- Low-cost but high-tech, allowing small-scale farms to dramatically increase their profit margins even in the most difficult
     --Small fields, large savings.  The system allows you to plant a wider range of crops, by increasing their yield - because
         water is directed precisely where it is needed, in a far more regular supply. And because the quality of the crops is
         improved at the same time, this also contributes to higher profits.
     --No more wasted water.
     --No more wasted time.

E-Provides plastic mulching. Covering the soil surface with a layer of black plastic, one of the most effective mulches for eradicating perennial weeds, ideal for the vegetable garden.

Siem Reap Province price : USD Triple 5     ($555)
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